U.S. Investment Immigration Guide

1.What’s the American Investment Immigration?

1-1.The American Investment Immigration is the Employment Based Fifth Preference, and each investor shall create 10 jobs in future 2-5 years with his investment amount.

1-2.English abbreviation:  EB-5 or  EB5

1-3.Full name in English: Employment Based Fifth Preference

2.There are two methods of EB-5 investment immigration:

2-1. Direct Investment:

We will form a brand new company in the name of the investors with the project company in U.S., which will be controlled by the investors, and operated and managed by our company.

e.g.: In the project of our group, Long Beach, Los Angeles, there are 5 commercial stores for catering and retail business. Whether the investors run the business of catering or retail, they need to hire at least 10 employees with American legal status in the next 2-5 years. It is not necessary for investors to personally manage the company, but can be managed by our regional center as a project management company, so that investors do not have to take on the investment risk. The investment amount is $ 1.05 million with a 5-year investment period. Upon expired, the investment amount of $ 1.05 million will be refunded in full, or used to purchase the house of our LA or Hawaii projects.

This method is the direct investment.

Website of LA Long Beach project:WWW.LONGBEACHGARDENHOME.COM

2-2. Investment in Regional Center Project

What is the regional center project for EB-5 investment immigration?

In order to raise money at low interest rates, many real estate developers in the United States submit an application to USCIS to list their project as a regional center, which, if approved by USCIS, can attract EB-5 immigrant investors. The minimum investment threshold is $800,000 and the maximum is $1.05 million. If the project is located in an area where the unemployment rate is more than 150% of the national average, only $800,000 is required to qualify; if the project is not in an area with high unemployment rate, it requires an investment of $1.05 million. One person invests, the whole family (husband and wife plus all unmarried children under the age of 21) can apply for immigration to the United States.

How does the project for investment immigration in regional center calculate employment opportunities? In general, the employment opportunities of real estate development projects are mainly created by engineering construction, pre-design team, developer management team and long-term business operation of the project, and then distributed to the case of each EB-5 investor. If a real estate project can create 1,000 jobs over the next two years, up to 100 EB-5 investors can be attracted.

Whether an EB-5 investor invests $800,000 or $1.05 million, according to the current cases approval speed of the USCIS, the investment funds can be refunded or used to purchase the project houses of developer after 5 year.

For more detail about our projects in LA and Hawaii, please visit:WWW.USAFW.COM

3.Required Documents

3-1. Documents certifying that the investment funds is legitimate.

3-1-1. Income from salaries and wages, bonus and commission;

3-1-2. Dividends to shareholders;

3-1-3. Income from investment in stock, securities, and real estate;

3-1-4. From relatives and friends. If the investment funds is a gift income, the donor shall provide the above mentioned documents.

3-2. The remittance voucher that the EB-5 investor/main petitioner has invested the investment funds into the project company.

3-3. Birth Certificate of all EB-5 investor/main petitioner’s family members and Kinship Certificate between the EB-5 investor/main petitioner and family members.

3-4.Certificate of No Criminal Conviction.

3-5. Scanned passport of EB-5 investor/main petitioner’s whole family members.

3-6. EB-5 investor/main petitioner’s resume.

3-7. Written explanation of legitimate sources of investment funds.

4.Who can apply for EB-5 investment immigration?

4-1. Singaporeans, Malays, Chinese, Hong Kongers, Indians, Vietnamese, and citizens of any country in the world who see our advertisement in Singapore can apply for EB-5 investment immigration.

4-2. The United States is a nation of immigrants. The largest number of immigrants are Chinese, Indians, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Singaporeans and Vietnamese. The United States is the most popular country for Chinese to emigrate to, but China has a foreign exchange control system that prevents investment funds from being remitted, and the underground remittance is not accepted by the USCIS.

5.Application Process:

5-1. Immigrant investors can consult by phone, email, or directly go to our office: 8 Marina View 42-01 & #43-01 Asia Square Tower.

5-2. Immigrant investors fill in the immigration application form, and we will evaluate whether the applicant is eligible for the conditions of investment immigration.

5-3. Those who meet the evaluation criteria will sign the investment immigration agreement.

5-4. Immigrant investors shall cooperate with the documents preparation.

5-5. Immigrant investors remit the investment funds to the bank account of the project company he has invested.

5-6. All documents will be sent by express mail to the legal team working with our regional center in the U.S. for review.

5-7. After review, our attorney team may request additional materials, if not, they will submit all documents directly to the USCIS.

6.Immigration Application Schedule Forecast:

6-1. The initial consultation time will depend on the applicant, generally about 7-30 days.

6-2. If the investment funds is ready, the immigrant investors can sign the the immigration investment agreement immediately.

6-3. It may take 2 months to complete all documents under immigrant investors cooperation.

6-4. Submit Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur Form I-526. The timeline for approval is listed in the USCIS’s announcement on March 29, 2022, that it will take only six months to approve, starting in late 2023.

6-5. If the immigrant applicant is a student with F-1 visa in the United States or is a tourist with B1/B2 in the United States for 90 days after the approval of the Form I-526, he/she may file the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status Form I-485 within the United States. Similarly, beginning in late 2023, immigrant applicants and family members who do not have time to travel to the United States will be able to file an immigrant visa application at the visa office of a U.S. consulate in their home country, according to the USCIS bulletin on March 29, 2022. You can go to the United States to get a temporary green card within 180 days of the approval of your immigrant visa. The approval only takes 6 months.

6-6. After obtaining a 2-year conditional green card, immigrant investors should submit their application for permanent green card within 90 days of the expiration of the 2-year period, and the approval will be taken more than 1 year.

Therefore, according to the immigration application scheduleannounced by USCIS on March 29, 2022, it can be completed within about 5 years from submission of documents to conditional green card approval and permanent green card approval.

Note: the aboveimmigration application schedule are based on the March 29, 2022 announcement on the USCIS website. The USCIS may adjust thetimelinefrom time to time, and the specific shall be subject to the USCIS official website.

7.Time, Conditions and Methods for Investment Withdrawal

7-1. After the permanent green card is approved (5 years later), you can choose a cash refund, whether the investment amount is $800,000 or $1.05 million, which will be fully refunded.

7-2. Immigrant investors can choose to purchase the our project houses with the immigration investment funds. which invest in the developer to buy the project housing. The options available are in the Los Angeles (3-story terraced houses) and Hawaii (premium Condo with ocean view).

Note: There is no laws and regulations for house purchase immigration in America. In order to reduce the investment immigration risk, we suggest that the immigration investors can use the investment funds to buy the house(s) of developer after the permanent green card approved, but the immigration process must follow the U.S. investment immigration laws, the immigration investors are required to provide legal sources of investment funds.


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