MAS Financial Management Financing License Exemption Statement

Special statement:

Asia Singapore Real Estate Fund is an entity company with its own real estate projects, not a third-party company providing financial services, so our private equity financing is a financing project that is exempted from applying for a third-party financial services license from MAS. Our financing crowd, investors must be qualified investors with certain economic strength.

The following are the exemptions related to MAS:

What licensing exemptions are available?

Examples of exemptions available for dealing in capital markets products that are securities include:

• If a company deals in bonds with accredited investors, expert investors or institutional investors.

• If a company trades for its own account or a related company’s account (i.e. proprietary trading) with or through regulated financial institutions.

• If a company is already licensed by MAS as a bank, merchant bank, finance company or insurance company. The company will however be required to comply with the representative notification, and business conduct requirements under the SFA. The company should notify MAS by submitting Form 26 within 14 days prior to commencing the regulated activity under the SFA.

Examples of exemptions available for fund management are:

• If a company manages a pool of immovable assets for accredited and institutional investors;

• If a company manages funds for related corporations; or

• If a company manages moneys belonging to a single group of related family members.

More information on licensing exemptions can be found in Section 99 of the SFA and the Second Schedule to the Securities and Futures (Licensing and Conduct of Business) Regulations (SF(LCB)R) .