Singapore Investment Immigration

Singapore Investment Immigration Introduction:

The amount of early Singapore investment immigration is 1.5 million Singapore dollars.
It was later extended to 2.5 million Singapore dollars.
Then it was raised to SGD 5 million.
Increase to S$20 million in 2022.
Increase to SGD 25 million in 2023.
However, investment immigration is not the government or Singapore companies, and it is not for investors to repay the above funds to purchase Singapore identity.
You only need to invest in the projects of Singapore fund companies or other enterprises in Singapore.
Investment projects create employment opportunities, and investment projects pay taxes to the government in accordance with regulations.
Investment funds can be refunded within the stipulated time.

1. Investment immigration program with an investment of 3 million Singapore dollars:

1-1, the investment amount is 3 million Singapore dollars, to Asia Singapore real estate fund company WWW.ASIA-FUND.COM
1-2, we have established two investment immigration projects, and the real estate fund company invested 2 million Singapore dollars. Another 1 million Singapore dollars, to establish a Singapore project company, the project company is controlled by investors. Create job opportunies.
1-3, the applicant enters Singapore as a company manager and management talent, including a spouse and children under the age of 21.
1-4, 6-8 months after the investment funds are in place, the Singapore real estate brokerage company can complete the investor's work visa application. EP work visa.
1-5, work visa EP, apply for a two-year work permit, and after two years, you can apply for a permanent Singapore resident PR.
1-6, the investment is 3 million US dollars, and the refund will be refunded after 5 years of investment.
1-7, the investment fund guarantees 10% of the annual investment income.
1-8, the investment funds can be invested in either company funds or personal funds. The funds are invested in Singapore real estate fund companies.
1-9, investor funds need to be legal.
1-10, the investor needs to have no major criminal record.
1-11, investors need to participate in the operation and management of investment projects.
1-12. If the investor has a certain degree of university education, it will be helpful for the application for a work visa. Add points.
It is possible to apply successfully without a university degree, but the applicant needs to be a successful entrepreneur or businessman management talent.

2. Investment plan for investing 25 million Singapore dollars:

2-1, the investment amount can be invested in installments, and the first payment needs to be 5 million Singapore dollars.
Invest 10 million Singapore dollars in installments within one year, and complete the investment of 25 million Singapore dollars in two years.
2-2, invest in Singapore fund companies. Invest in our Asia Singapore Property Fund.
2-3, Guaranteed annual investment yield of 15%.
2-4. The investment project is under the responsibility of the fund company.
2-5. Investors need to sign an investment agreement with the fund company.
2-6. Investors do not need to personally operate and manage investment projects.
2-7. Investors and real estate fund companies are private equity investment methods.
2-8, Investors will own shares of Asia Singapore Real Estate Fund Company.
2-9, you can apply for 2-4 families to immigrate to Singapore in stages, and you can apply for a work visa 3-6 months after the initial investment funds are in place. It only takes two months to complete the work visa application.
The same fund company invests for two years and can apply for a green card PR.
2-10, the investment time is 5 years. Then refund.